Sonorous Echo

A Cinematic Attack

Emerged on the collective exhibition Daily Concerns, my work Sonorous Echo plays on a “cinematic” sound installation, drawing on the immersive and personal through the soundtrack of a film; the ‘never heard’ within the post -production end game of film/sound design. Generating disruptions between the visual and the auditory and their political balances, the work is not only a rebellion against the hierarchy of the linear structure of film production, but also an attempt to propose a “demilitarising” mode of listening that projects and rejects the inducible, and offers opportunities for each listener to generate their own perspective and sonically criticise the world trough an auditory subjectivity. Listen to the place, what remains and what is lost over the action?

Audio-visual multi channel installation

  • 14 mins
  • Dilston Grove Gallery – Dez 2016
  • Daily Concerns Exhibition was supported by:
  • University of the Arts London and Crisap