Location Sound Recording Short Course – UAL

University of the Arts London

This course will introduce participants to location sound recording practice. The techniques and concepts learned will be fundamental to participants working in film and mixed media as well as people interest in sound art, seeking to improve their experience and understanding in sound and listening.

During the course, participants will be given a practical overview to a range of microphones and recorders, many of which can be cheaply and readily available. This will include a bit of time making recordings outdoors in the surrounding area and experimenting with the range of equipment that will be to hand. There will be a brief introduction towards audio post-production and working with video, though the main focus of this session will be on location work.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduce participants to location sound recording for narrative films: dialogue, room tone, soundscape / ambience and sound effects
  • The techniques and concepts of sound for films
  • Equipments and utilisation
  • Practical overview and experimentation
  • Exploring different types of microphones
  • Listening Session / Developing listening skills
  • Sound Art & Field Recording