Branding and technology

The project ‘The Waiting Game’ is a photographic installation composed of a few images produced by photographer Raquel Diniz in the period 2006-2010, in London. It shows details of the interiors of  her friends houses, often frequented during the time she lived abroad. Emerged after her definitive return to Brazil and the willingness to re-visit the personal files of photographies, producing new fragments of material meaning.

Sound Concept:

The audio work, developed by Francisco Mazza is an intervention in the poem “Stop all the Clocks, Put off the Telephone” by English poet WH Auden. Great possibilities of editing and mixing are seized with the intention of stimulating the observation of images with strong sensory and emotional stimulation through two important points: sound recording in multiple layers of the poem recited with female voice and also using a random sequence in reading. The poem was chosen not only thinking on its meaning or poetic message, but mainly by the individual characteristics of each word demonstrated randomly through sound, sewing the sequence of images for other possible readings, depending on where the point of listening are positioned.

International Photography Festival of Tiradentes / Brazil 2015

  • Photography & Audio-Visual installation
  • Photo Prints and Video Monitor with Headphones
  • Photography: Raquel Diniz
  • Sound: Francisco Mazza