Still Life is a Nana Mailing’s work with collaboration of Francisco Mazza, developed for the “Art for the Environment” exhibition at Nunnery Gallery in London. It takes the skeletons of deserti cation – the crisply dried ‘sculptures’ of nature – and records the crackle of these once lush roots, owers and leaves, as they are crushed so easily in their lifeless form.

Dry leaves, roots, and pieces of soil were collected at the Sierra Maria de Los Velez Natural Park, which suffers from a severe process of desertification. Through the action of dismantling these elements’ original shapes, the artistic act is stranged while associated with unsustainable uses of nature as a resource.

“Different from traditional representations of still life, in which the relation to the objects is fundamentally visual, the 11 documented actions consist of touching and interacting with them in a des-sculpturing process that steals sounds”.

Project: Nana Maiolini

Sound Concept: Francisco Mazza

Nunnery Gallery, London - 2018

  • Audio-Visual Installation
  • 2 x screens + 2 handset earphones